Vino (wine)

“You have to taste a culture to understand it. ” ~Deborah Cater

Wine and wine making are deeply embedded in the Italian culture. Even if you aren’t a wine lover, your experience of Italy will benefit from tasting its wines and understanding its place in every day life. From a single wine tasting to a multi-day tasting experience, Vino & Velo can find the wines you’ve always dreamed of trying in locations that truly take your breath away. Leif will share with you his extensive knowledge of Tuscany and the wines it produces. You’ll meet the locals and have the chance to try traditional dishes paired with the perfect wine. Self-guided options are also available.

If you want more than just a wine tasting, Vino & Velo also offers a variety of learning experiences for those who want to understand wine better. Try a Wine Tutorial, a kind of mini-course in the basics of how to taste wine or for a more in-depth understanding of wine, wine making and wine tasting take a longer course spanning several days or weeks.