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Thank you for stopping by to visit us! We hope this means you’re doing the same things we are doing; looking forward to the next steps outside our homes and offices.

COVID-19 has had an inescapable and lasting effect on all our lives. We grieve with those who have suffered loss, we stand beside those who have to fight every day to survive, and we celebrate the milestones passed and achievements reached by so many in a time when every joy is a precious thing.

As travel becomes possible, many of you are planning ahead to your vacations. Now’s the time to dream about far away places and new experiences. Public health concerns will change the way we travel but can never take travel away.

Vino & Velo will be here for you when you arrive in our beloved Italy. We have talked at length about how we protect our clients and the communities visit as well as the ones we simply travel through. We know that 2021 will have fewer travelers and that we will require certain measures that protect our local communities. Our hope is that by 2022 the world will have gained control of the virus and we can travel without worry. It will be time to try out your old or new love of cycling in the magical hills of Tuscany.

We have always focused on small private group tours so we don’t have to change much about the way we work or the way you travel with us. A few common sense measures are all we require. Contact us for more information about how we will work this year.

Read on for more general info about the ways we can help you see Italy.

Welcome to Vino & Velo, your guide for cycling, wine, and food excursions in Italy! Our goal is to make your vacation dreams a reality, and send you home with memories that will make you smile for years to come. Our focus is on wine and cycling, but tours aren’t restricted to bicycles. Hiking, bus or van tours, even Vespa or car tours are all possible. The only limit is your imagination…

Imagine riding a bicycle through the Tuscan countryside, stopping along the way for a cafe or gelato, lunch and a little wine. The rolling hills of Tuscany offer spectacular views and you’ll have the chance to stop as often as you like to snap a photo, walk into a field of grape vines, or maybe pick a few figs fresh from the tree.

Imagine touring Tuscany in a van with the whole family, perhaps even several generations together sharing an amazing experience. Search for the best gelatos, strongest coffees, most beautiful wines, and greatest family adventures without the stress of finding a parking place or getting lost.

Imagine hiking in majestic forests from one small village to the next, or taking a spiritual journey along part of the Via Francigiana (the road St Francis of Assisi walked from Canterbury to Rome). From the rolling hills of the Crete Senese to the rugged mountains of the Appenines you’ll find the right terrain for your adventure.



“You have to taste a culture to understand it. ” ~Deborah Cater

Wine and wine making are deeply embedded in the Italian culture. Even if you aren’t a wine lover, your experience of Italy will benefit from tasting its wines and understanding its place in every day life. From a single wine tasting to a multi-day tasting experience, Vino & Velo can find the wines you’ve always dreamed of trying – in locations that truly take your breath away. AIS certified Sommelier Leif will share with you his extensive knowledge of Tuscany and the wines it produces. You’ll meet the locals and have the chance to try traditional dishes paired with the perfect wine. Self-guided options are also available.

If you want more than just a wine tasting, Vino & Velo also offers a variety of learning experiences for those who want to understand wine better. Try a Wine Tutorial, a kind of mini-course in the basics of what it means to “taste” wine or, for a more in-depth understanding of wine, wine making and wine tasting ask Leif to teach you one-on-one for as long as you like.


“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them” ~Ernest Hemingway

Cycling is the best way to see a country, and with Vino & Velo you will see Italy at it’s finest! Tours can be as short as a single morning ride into the countryside for a wine and cheese tasting or they can span several days as you explore vineyards, villages and quiet country roads. Learn about vines and olive trees. Taste the wine and oil that come from them. Enjoy a laid back and casual ride or challenge yourself with some great hills to breathtaking views. Stay in one place or ride to a new city each day. We will work with you to create an experience you’ll never forget. If needed we can arrange for van support in case someone gets tired or the weather suddenly changes…or you decide to buy wine along the route!


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Leif Karlsson

Leif is a licensed countryside tour guide and AIS certified Sommelier who has lived in Tuscany for over sixteen years. His lifelong passion for cycling coupled with his fascination for wine and food brought him here. Sharing those passions with others is what has kept him here. His network of contacts and over twelve years of experience guiding in Italy allow him to design a truly personal experience for each traveler or group and his experience working in vineyards and olive groves gives his tours extra insight into Italian culture. Leif’s mother tongue is Swedish and he is also fluent in Italian and English.

Licensed Tour Guide (Guida Ambientale Escursionistica, tessera n°  016/2012)
Certified Sommelier (AIS Toscana, tessera n° 81995. 10/05)
Cyclist and Founder (ASD Velo Club Florence By Bike)



Michele Karlsson

Michele moved to Italy eleven years ago after her first trip to Italy. She began cycling nine years ago as a way to see the countryside and spend more time with Leif…and hasn’t stopped since. She loves to share her love of all things Italian with visitors. As a watercolor artist Michele has a unique way of viewing the countryside, finding those little details that make the experience come alive for guests. She frequently assists on cycling tours with larger groups. Michele’s mother tongue is English. She is competent in Italian. Swedish is going to take awhile.

Tour Assistant – Vino & Velo

Watercolor artist – Michele Karlsson Art & Design

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller

Contact us to start designing your Italian adventure!